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Let us tell you about just a few animals we have assisted this year. Pictured above is Sousa. His mom called us after having spent all of her available cash trying to find out what was wrong with him. He was finally diagnosed with an intestinal blockage that required expensive surgery that she could not afford. But there is more to this story - Sousa was her husband's dog. Her husband was tragically killed in an automobile accident last summer. She is raising her 2 sons alone now and this dog is a link to their deceased father. The family was devastated and desperate, facing the terrible fate of having to euthanize Sousa. Thanks to a very generous donor, we were able to pay the down payment on Sousa's surgery. He is now recovering and his family is relieved.

Nina's dad contacted us because she had mammary tumors that needed to be removed and he could not afford the cost of surgery. Without it, Nina would have died. No Kill Lehigh Valley paid for her surgery. This sweet dog had 3 tumors removed and recovered.

Kiara's mom and dad contacted us reporting that the cat got overly enthusiastic with the Christmas tree and badly dislocated her elbow, requiring expensive orthopedic surgery. Her mom and dad had no financial resources so they contacted us. One of our veterinary partners worked with us to ensure that kittie Kiara got the care she needed. She is now resting comfortably and is on the mend.

Bella, a 6 year old rescued boxer mix, somehow managed to ingest a lot of yarn. Her dad tried to find veterinary help on his own, but was running out of money after paying for office visits and diagnostics. And Bella desperately needed surgery - expensive surgery. One of our veterinary partners was willing to make financial arrangements with her dad. No Kill Lehigh Valley contributed $1000.00 to her surgery.

Helping animals like Sousa, Nina, Kiara, and Bella is our mission, but we can only do this work with the support of the community. Your donations literally save lives, stop suffering, help families to keep beloved family members, prevent unwanted litters, and more.

What you do truly matters!

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